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Tables installed with Operational Intelligence

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Tables installed with Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence adds the following tables.

Table Description
Metric Time Series Model


Statistical models built for metric data.

Alert Anomaly


Anomaly alerts that were created from anomaly events that were sent by Service Analytics so users can review. Anomaly alerts are kept separately from regular system alerts.
Metric Anomaly Score


Stores anomaly scores for the metric.
Metric To CI Mapping Deleted SysIds


SysIds of deleted metric-to-CI mapping records.
Metric To CI Mapping


Mappings currently in effect of metric types to CIs.
SA Metric Type Registration


Details about metric type registration.
Metric Type Registration Deleted SysIds


SysIds of records that were deleted from the SA Metric Type Registration [sa_metric_registration] table.
Metric Schema Definition


Map of metrics being received based on CI class. It is used to optimize the metric data payload being sent from the MID Server to the instance.
Metric Type


Metric type source.
Monitoring System Metric Type Deleted SysIds


SysIds of deleted monitoring system metrics.
Monitoring System Metric Type


Metric types per CI class, active/inactive status, and metric source.
Metric Bookmark


Saved user views/bookmarks for the Operational Intelligence dashboard.
Metric Settings


Default configuration settings for Operational Intelligence MID Servers.
Metric Configuration Rules


Rules to override configuration settings for MID Servers.
Metric overridden configurations


Maps overridden configurations to custom defined rules.
Metric Staged Configurations


Saved encoded configurations for the MID Servers.
Metric learned parameters


Parameters learned for CI/metric combinations, that will be synced to the MID Servers.
Metric To CI Mapping Deleted Details


Details about deleted entries from metric to CI mapping table. Includes CI, metric, and SysId of the deleted entry in the Metric To CI Mappings [sa_metric_map] table.
Track unique CIs created in metric map


All unique CIs for which metric map entry was created.
Metric Class


Metric classes that can be associated with specific metrics to override bounds and widths learned values.