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Integrations, applications, and data-sources

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Integrations, applications, and data-sources

You can activate a ServiceNow provided integration or integrate with third-party applications.

Integration options

Many integrations with third-party applications are available, see Integration with third-party applications and data sources.

ServiceNow store - connectors and listeners

Connectors and listeners are available from the ServiceNow. Download the required content from the ServiceNow store.

Integration with third-party applications and data sources

Event Management integrates with many third-party applications and data sources, see Integration with third-party applications and data sources.

AppDynamics CMDB integration

Use this integration to enable your instance to have AppDynamics Map iQ data fed into ServiceNow. For more information, see AppDynamics CMDB and Event Management Integration.

Datadog integration

You can create ServiceNow tickets from alarms that are triggered in Datadog. Graphs and comments generated by Datadog can be added to ServiceNow tickets, and you can manage the resolution workflow from within Datadog. For more information, see Datadog and Event Management integration.