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Self-health monitors

Self-health monitors

Configure Event Management to continuously monitor its system health.

Self monitoring

Enable the self-health feature to help detect and troubleshoot Event Management health issues.

First enable the self-health property, which, by default, is set to off. The self-health feature creates CIs in the CMDB to represent the components of the self-health service. Use the provided monitors to monitor and track the health of business services and Event Management features.
Event Management self-health can:
  • Trigger alerts when there is an issue with Event Management.
  • Display the ServiceNow Event Management manual service on the dashboard.

    Event Management dashboard tile

  • On the Event Management dashboard, double-click the ServiceNow Event Management manual service tile to open the service in the map view.

    Event Management manual service map

Set up

Ensure that Yes is selected in the Event Management - self-health monitoring (evt_mgmt.self_health_active) property in order to enable the use of the Event Management features that handle issues with the Event Management application itself. By default, this property is off. For more information, see Start or stop self-health monitoring.

Self-health monitoring process workflow

After enabling the Event Management - self-health monitoring property:
  • The ServiceNow Event Management manual service is created.
  • Jobs are automatically scheduled to run scripts that configure what must be monitored.
Schedule jobs to process scripts
The following jobs are scheduled to run by default after the Event Management - self-health monitoring property is enabled:
  • The Event Management - Insert Health Monitor scheduled job runs the scripts. Determine what must be monitored by adding or modifying the script in this job. This job runs once every hour. After the job has run, you can view the ServiceNow Event Management manual service.

    Insert health monitor

  • The Event Management - Update Health Monitor scheduled job runs the update scripts. This job runs once every minute.
Generate alerts
Alerts are generated based on the specified severity and threshold. The monitors that are provided with the base instance to monitor the issues detected by self-health are:
Monitor Description
Connector's idle state monitoring Monitor to verify whether any of the connectors was in idle state that surpassed the threshold [in minutes] that was configured.

Health Monitor script selected: Connectors Monitor.

Connectors Status Monitor to track the active status of the connectors. Select only one threshold to configure which severity to invoke using 1 to select the threshold field or 0 to ignore the threshold field. Select the Active check box to enable the monitor feature. Clear the Active check box to disable the monitor feature and prevent it from detecting the connector status.

Health Monitor script selected: Connectors Monitor.

Delay in event processing Monitor to track the duration of events [in minutes] that remain in Ready state and were not processed. This duration period initiates an alert for the event processing CI with severity according to the configured thresholds [minutes].

Health Monitor script selected: Check delay in event processing.

Event Processing job Monitor the state of the event processing jobs. An alert is generated when the idle time of a job exceeds the configured threshold.

Health Monitor script selected: Get Event Processing state.

MID Server Threshold Alerts Monitors MID Server health. Events are sent when issues with MID Server availability and resource thresholds are detected.

Health Monitor script selected: MID Server Threshold Alerts.

Display status
The business service displays the status of the monitored entity. For example, alerts are displayed on the dashboard or Alert Console.
Monitored states
The Monitoring States (em_monitor_state) table is updated after each event run that is triggered by the configuration scripts.

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