Create an event rule to map metrics to specific CI

Create event rules to map incoming raw metric data to specific CIs, and to also optionally modify metric names.

The system generates events for every new raw metric data for which there are no CI binding specifications. You can create event rules that filter those events to map the incoming metric data to specific CIs. In such event rules, you can for example define a filter that is based on the monitoring object (such as SCOM). You can also use those event rules to modify metric names.

For example, in the Event Rule designer you can update the event rule SCOM IIS Web Server as follows:

  • On the Event Rule tab, define filter to match only IIS Web Servers.
  • On the Binding tab, set Class to Microsoft IIS Web Server.
  • On the Transform tab, set Metric Name to a custom metric name such as <Metricname>_<Instance Name>.