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Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier

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Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier

To use a pattern for the identification and exploration phases of horizontal discovery, you must add the Horizontal Pattern probe to the classifiers for the CIs are you trying to discover.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin

About this task

Warning: This procedure is intended for users who have not already run discovery with probes for the target CI type. If you already populated your CMDB with probe discovery and then switch to patterns, Discovery might create duplicate CIs. Follow this procedure only if you never ran Discovery with probes for the target CI type, such as Windows machines, or Citrix load balancers.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > CI Classification > {classifier type}.
  2. Open the classifier record.
  3. Click the Triggers probe related list.
  4. Deactivate the existing identification and exploration probes.
  5. Click Edit, and add the Horizontal Pattern probe. The probe appears in the related list.
  6. From the related list view, double click the field under the Pattern column and add the pattern you want to associate with the classification.
    Adding the Horizontal Pattern probe and a pattern
  7. Remove or deactivate the other probes from the Triggers probe related list.
    Note: If you delete a pattern, the Horizontal Pattern probe is not automatically removed from the classifier. You must select another pattern for the Horizontal Probe, or you can switch back to using identification and exploration probes specific to the classifier. If you use the Horizontal Probe without a pattern specified, discovery stops after the classification stage.