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Set the deletion strategy for tracked configuration files

Set the deletion strategy for tracked configuration files

You can specify what you want to do with tracked configuration file CI records when pattern discovery can no longer find them.

Before you begin

About this task

You can set a deletion strategy for all discovered CIs, not just configuration file CIs. However the way you access the deletion strategy for standard CIs differs from configuration file CIs. See Set a deletion strategy for instructions.


  1. Navigate to Pattern Designer > Discovery Patterns and open the desired pattern.
  2. Click the Tracked Files tab.
  3. Under Related Links, click Edit deletion strategy for the configuration files of this pattern.
    The Related CI Types list appears showing you filtered records in the Related CI Type [sa_ci_to_pattern] table. The filter shows you only records with the CI type of Tracked Configuration files [cmdb_ci_config_file_tracked], which is the table where the system saves configuration file CIs.
  4. From the list view, double-click the value in the field in the Deletion Strategy column for the tracked configuration file.
  5. Select a new value:
    Value Description
    Keep Preserves the configuration file CI record and makes no other changes to the record. This option is the default setting.
    Delete Deletes the configuration file CI record from the CMDB, and the relationship to the main CI.
    Mark as absent Marks the Status [install_status] field of the configuration file CI record as Absent, meaning that Discovery cannot find the tracked configuration file. This status does not instruct the system to delete the actual CI or the relationship.
    Delete relations Deletes only the CI relationships between the related CI and the main CI.