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Use ITOM guided setup

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Use ITOM guided setup

Discovery guided setup provides a sequence of tasks that help you configure Discovery on your instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Discovery guided setup allows you to select the CIs you want to discover, add credentials, and auto-create a Discovery schedule. A progress indicator allows you to monitor your progress for each task and for the entire process.

Each configuration activity provides contextual embedded help and links to comprehensive documentation on the ServiceNow product documentation site.
Important: You must complete the MID Server configuration activities before you are allowed to launch the Discovery guided setup. The system can only auto-create a Discovery schedule if you auto-assigned IP ranges to your MID Server. If you have skipped auto-assigned IP ranges, the Auto-Create Schedules activity is not available.


  1. Select the Discovery icon in the progress bar on the left edge of the category screen.
    Figure 1. Continuing guided setup from the progress bar
    Opening Discovery guided setup from the progress bar
  2. From the navigation menu, select Guided Setup > ITOM Guided Setup and click Continue in the IT Operations Management Guided Setup welcome screen.
    Figure 2. Continuing guided setup from the welcome screen
    Continuing guided setup from the welcome screen
  3. In the Discovery category pane, click Get Started.
    Figure 3. Discovery category pane
    Discovery category pane

    The Discovery task list appears with a description of each task.

  4. Click Configure to select CIs to discover from the configuration console and then follow the instructions in the help pane that appears on the right side of the screen.
  5. When you have selected the CIs to discover, click Submit, and then click Mark as Complete at the bottom of the help pane.
    The view returns to the task list. Notice that the circular progress indicator for the category shows 30% of the Discovery configuration complete. The progress indicator on the left side of the screen shows the completion percentage for all IT Operations Management tasks.
    Figure 4. Discovery guided setup progress indicators
    Discovery guided setup progress indicators
  6. Click Configure to add credentials or click Skip to omit that activity and mark Discovery guided setup complete.