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Legacy: Relationship between an EC2 instance and its host servers

Legacy: Relationship between an EC2 instance and its host servers

When Discovery finds a Linux or Windows host, it determines if that host is running on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instance and then attempts to create a relationship between an cmdb_ci_ec2_instance and the cmdb_ci_server CI.

Discovery gets EC2 instance information, such as instance ID, region, and account ID, from a host server running on an EC2 instance when the host is discovered. Discovery then checks for a CI in the EC2 Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_ec2_instance] table with matching information. If a match is found, Discovery creates the Virtualized by::Virtualized relationship between that instance CI and the host CI.

Discovery launches these probes to establish the relationship:
  • Linux - AWS Relationship: Discovery launches this probe for any Linix server discovered.
  • Windows – AWS Relationship: Discovery launches this PowerShell probe for any Windows server classified as 2008, or 2012.
Note: You can disable the collection of EC2 metadata by setting the glide.discovery.discover_aws_ec2_host_metadata property to false. To access this property, navigate to Discovery Definition > Properties and locate the property labeled When doing IP-based discovery against a given host, also run probes that retrieve AWS EC2 metadata.

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