Microsoft IIS server discovery

Discovery identifies and classifies information about Microsoft IIS servers.


Install IIS Management Scripts and Tools on a Microsoft IIS Server.


Configure these credentials:
Credential type
Applicative credentials
Windows credentials

Classifier, pattern, and probe

Discovery uses these classifiers, probes, and patterns for IIS discovery:
Classifier Trigger probes Pattern
Microsoft IIS Server
  • Horizontal discovery probe: launches patterns
  • Windows - Get IIS Information*
*Probes inactive on new instances.

To use patterns, verify that the correct pattern is specified in the horizontal pattern probe on the classifier. See Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier for instructions.

Data collected

The following data is collected in the IIS Web Server [cmdb_ci_microsoft_iis_web_server] table:
Label Field name
Name name
Version version
Type* type
Running process command running_process_command
Running process key parameters running_process_key_parameters
*The Type is always IIS.
The following data is collected in the Web site [cmdb_ci_web_site] table:
Label Field name Source
Name name wmi
TCP Port tcp_port wmi
Log directory log_directory wmi
Description short_description wmi
Correlation ID correlation_id Internal
IP address ip_address wmi