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Discovery APIs allow developers to integrate external systems with Discovery or interact programmatically with Discovery from inside an instance.


This is a scriptable method, in the sn_discovery scope, used to discover a single IP address. A MID Server is selected automatically, based on the IP address provided or the application specified.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
ipAddress string IP address to discover.
application string Application configured for the MID Server used in this Discovery. If no application is specified, the system assumes the application to be ALL.
Note: This is an optional argument.
source string Source of the Discovery, displayed in the optional Source field in the Discovery Status record, which indicates how the Discovery was triggered. If no source is specified, the system uses Discovery_API as the source. To define a source, you must have an application value. If no application is defined, use a place holder of NULL in the expression.
Note: This is an optional argument.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
string Discovery status record sys_id.
Table 3. Example

var sysid = sn_discovery.DiscoveryAPI.discoverIpAddress("");

Table 4. Error handling
Exception Description
NoSuitableMidServerFoundException No appropriate MID Server available for this Discovery. This is a Java exception that is available for optional handling in JavaScript.
BadArgumentException Invalid argument detected during MID Server selection. This is a Java exception that is available for optional handling in JavaScript.

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