Load balancer: Radware-appDirector

Discovery of Radware load balancers is performed by SNMP.


Important: Discovery treats hardware load balancers as network devices and attempts to discover them primarily using SNMP. If a load balancer in your system, running on a Linux host, has SNMP and SSH ports open, Discovery might classify it based on the SSH port. This classification has priority over SNMP. To ensure that Discovery properly classifies your hardware load balancers, create a Discovery behavior for load balancers that includes SNMP but not SSH. Software load balancers are treated as applications.


Configure SNMP credentials or (optionally) SSH credentials.

Classifier, pattern, and probes

Table 1.
Classifier Probe Pattern
Radware - AppDirector - Load Balancer
  • Horizontal discovery probe: launches patterns
AppDirector Load Balancer

Data discovery

The following data is collected on the Radware Load Balancers [cmdb_ci_lb_radware] table.
Label Field name
Serial number serial_number
The following data is collected on the DNS Name [cmdb_ci_dns_name] table.
Table 2.
Label Field name
Name name
IP address ip_address
The following data is collected on the Load Balancer Services [cmdb_ci_lb_service] table.
Label Field Name
Name name
IP Address ip_address
Port port
Operational Status operational_status
Install Status install_status