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VMware Workstation - Legacy

VMware Workstation - Legacy

In the basic VMware system, the VMware Workstation runs on a Windows or Linux host machine.

Attention: The Discovery of VMware Workstation is not supported in the Kingston release. VMware workstation probes and sensors are not included in new instances of Kingston. However, customers who upgrade to Kingston from an earlier release can continue to use those probes and sensors to discover VMware Workstation.

This system can clone instances from templates, but cannot be automated. The relationships between VMware components for this type of installation are shown in the following diagram:

Figure 1. VMware Workstation relationships
VMware Workstation relationships
Table 1. VMware Workstation component relationships
Component Relationships
Windows or Linux Server Runs the VMware application
VMware application
  • Runs on a Windows or Linux host machine
  • Has registered VM instances
  • Virtualizes virtual machines
VM Instances (including images and templates)
  • Registers on the VMware application
  • Instantiated by individual virtual machines
Virtual machines
  • Instantiates VM instances
  • Virtualized by VMware application