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Load balancer: Cisco CSS

Load balancer: Cisco CSS

Discovery of Cisco CSS load balancers is performed by SNMP.

Warning: DO NOT switch from probes to patterns if you are already running Discovery with probes, and your CMDB is already populated. If you do so, it is possible that the pattern Discovery process does not synchronize on the same values that the probe Discovery process does. This could result in duplicate CIs in your CMDB.


Discovery uses the Cisco CSS Load Balancer classifier, which contains the OID Classification: .


The following probes are triggered:
Probe Description Type
SNMP - Load Balancer - Identity A multiprobe that identifies load balancers. Java-SNMP
Cisco CSS - Get Services A Java probe that includes the Cisco CSS sensor to identify services defined on the load balancer in the Load Balancer Services [cmdb_ci_lb_service] table. For every service, Discovery populates Name, ip_address and port. Java-SNMP


Discovery creates a record for each CSS device in the Cisco CSS [cmdb_ci_lb_cisco_css] table, which includes the device's Name, Model, Serial Number, Manufacture, and NIC (ip_address). It also creates a record for each service in the Load Balancer Services [cmdb_ci_lb_service] table.