JBoss server discovery

Discovery can detect JBoss application servers running on Linux and Windows systems.


For JBoss application servers running on Linux systems.
  • Set probe permissions to use these Bourne shell commands: find, cat, and dirname.
  • Enable SSH on the JBoss application server. The SSH credential must also have read permissions on the web.xml and jboss-service.xml files.

For JBoss application servers running on Windows systems, enable PowerShell on the MID Server.


Classifiers, patterns, and probes

Classifier Trigger probes Patterns
JBoss Server
  • Horizontal Pattern: launches patterns
  • Windows - JBoss Find web.xml List*
  • Windows - JBoss Get jboss-service.xml*
  • JBoss - Find web.xml List*
  • JBoss - Get jboss-service.xml*

JBoss pattern

*For new instances, these probes are inactive on the classifier. Discovery uses patterns for discovery.

To use patterns, verify that the correct pattern is specified in the horizontal pattern probe on the classifier. See Add the Horizontal Pattern probe to a classifier for instructions.

Data collected

Discovery populates the following fields in the JBoss [cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss] table:
Label Field name
Name name
Category category
Version version
TCP port(s) tcp_port
Discovery populates the following fields on the Web Service [cmdb_ci_web_service] and Web Application [cmdb_ci_web_application] servers tables:
Label Table name Field name Source
Name cmdb_ci_web_service name jboss-service.xml
App server cmdb_ci_web_service app_server Internal reference
Description cmdb_ci_web_application short_description web.xml
Name cmdb_ci_web_application name web.xml
Document base cmdb_ci_web_application document_base web.xml
App server cmdb_ci_web_application app_server web.xml
Servlet Name* cmdb_ci_web_application servlet_name web.xml
Servlet Class* cmdb_ci_web_application servlet_class web.xml
*Windows servers only


Table 1. Relationships created
Parent class Relationship Child class
cmdb_ci_web_service Runs on::Runs cmdb_ci_windows_server
cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss Contains::Contained by cmdb_ci_web_application
cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss Runs:Runs on cmdb_ci_web_application
cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss Runs:Runs on cmdb_ci_web_service