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Dell Remote Assistant Card discovery

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Dell Remote Assistant Card discovery

The DellTM Remote Assistant Card (DRAC) provides users with tools and functionality to monitor, troubleshoot, and repair servers.

To identify the DRAC, Discovery uses the SNMP – DRAC probe. This probe uses SNMPv1 and SMNPv2c.

Data collected

Firmware version cmdb_ci_outofband_device firmware_version SNMP walk: drsFirmwareVersion (racFirmwareVersion for iDRAC7)
Host 1 cmdb_ci_outofband_device host SNMP walk: drsSystemServiceTag (systemServiceTag for iDRAC7) *
IP Address cmdb_ci_outofband_device ip_address DNS probe
Name cmdb_ci_outofband_device name SNMP - Identity probe
Product version cmdb_ci_outofband_device product_version SNMP walk: drsProductVersion (racVersion for iDRAC7)
Type cmdb_ci_outofband_device type SNMP walk: drsProductType (racType for iDRAC7)
URL cmdb_ci_outofband_device url SNMP walk: drsProductURL (racURL for iDRAC7)
Note: 1 Host is a reference to the cmdb_ci_computer table via the serial number. Therefore, in order for the field to be populated correctly, the host machine needs to be discoverable or exist within the CMDB with the appropriate serial number.