Configure the VMware Events service to auto-update the CMDB

The VMware Events service can auto-update the CMDB whenever a life cycle event occurs for a VMware resource. As a result, the system updates the CMDB without having to wait for Discovery to run.

Before you begin

  • Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_event_integration
  • A cloud account with VMware subscriptions (service accounts) and associated logical datacenters

About this task

When Events sends an update, the instance processes the event and creates or updates the CI entry in the CMDB and the CI information in the User Portal. Each event is saved as a record in the Cloud Events, sn_cmp_cloud_event, table.
Note: To connect to a different MID Server or vCenter: Update the settings and then click the Start related link. The Status value changes to Updating and then to Started.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Manage > Alert Configurations > VMware.
  2. Click New, enter a unique and meaningful Name and Short description, and then fill in the form:
    Execute on Select Specific MID Server
    MID Server Select a MID Server.
    vCenter Select the vCenter to monitor.
    Extension [read only] The MID Server extension of this context. Updated when data collection starts.
    Status [read only] The status of the data collection process, for example, Starting, Started, and so on.
    Executing on [read only] The MID Server that is executing the event collector
  3. Right-click in the title bar and select Save.
  4. Test the connection between the vCenter and the specified MID Server: Click Test parameters.
    A pop-up displays Parameters verified for success. The Status field does not change. To update a parameter (for example, to change the MID server or vCenter), change the setting and then click Update parameters.
  5. Click the Start related link to start collecting events for vCenter. Click Stop to stop collecting events for a particular vCenter. Click Restart to restart event collection.