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Use an AWS CloudFormation template

Use an AWS CloudFormation template

Use AWS templates to create resource blocks, blueprints, and catalog items.

Before you begin

  • Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_designer
  • Service account is activated.
  • AWS CloudFormation templates must be available in JSON format.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Cloud Templates.
  2. Click New and then enter a unique and meaningful Name and Short description
  3. Specify the Type as CloudFormation Template.
  4. Open the template file in a text editor and copy the text.
  5. On the Cloud Templates form, paste the text into the Body text box.
  6. Right-click in the header bar, click Save and click Submit.
  7. You have the following options:
    Create resource block Based on the settings in the template, generate a resource block that you can use in any blueprint design.
    Create blueprint and Catalog Item Based on the settings in the template, generate:
    • A resource block.
    • A blueprint that contains the blueprint.
    • Based on the blueprint, generate a catalog item.
    You can modify the blueprint as needed.


The related list entries and associated settings are taken from the data in the original template.

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