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Extend Cloud Management entities

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Extend Cloud Management entities

Extend the functionality of cloud management entities such as resource blocks by adding or overriding existing operations.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin.

About this task

The Cloud Management application is bundled with some resource blocks. Add more functionality to these resource blocks, by creating an extension to an existing resource block interface. Once you have created an interface extension, you can use that extension in a blueprint to execute an operation in a customized way. As an example, if you do not like the way a virtual server is being provisioned, extend the virtual server resource block interface by adding operations or overriding existing operations.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Resource Blocks.
  2. Open a resource block that comes bundled with the Cloud Management application.
  3. Click the Operations tab.
  4. Click the toggle button in the upper right hand corner to change the status of the resource block from a published to a draft state.
  5. Click the Override Operation icon, located next to the plus icon.
  6. Select an existing interface or click the Create new check box to create a new interface. If you are creating an interface, enter a name in the interface field.
  7. Click Submit.
    The new interface extension is created and appears in the Interface list. The Operations list shows the operation that this resource block supports. All the parameters for this operation are listed.
  8. Click Add input parameter to add a new parameter and click Save changes.
  9. Click Steps and click the Add Step icon to add more steps to this operation. Fill in the required details in the dialog box. See Add a resource operation to the execution plan.
  10. Click Submit and then click the toggle button in the upper right hand corner to publish the resource block.
  11. Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Blueprints
  12. Create New. See Create a Cloud Management blueprint.
  13. Click Operations and click the particular operation you want modified in the resource block.
  14. The default resource block interface appears in the right column. Click the Edit Resource Operation icon (in the shape of a pencil) to apply the interface extension you created.
  15. Click Submit. The blueprint gets executed with the customized interface extension.