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Create a relationship between a VMware network and subnet

Create a relationship between a VMware network and subnet

If you discover VMware networks and subnets, you must manually create a relationship between the two.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_admin

About this task

If no relationship exists and a user must select a virtual network and subnet in the User portal, the user can encounter an error.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Service Accounts.
  2. Open the datacenter that contains the VMware cloud network.
    Note: VMware cloud networks are saved in the VMware vCenter Network [cmdb_ci_vcenter_network] table. AWS and Azure cloud networks are saved in the Cloud Networks [cmdb_ci_network] table.
  3. Under Related items, click the plus icon to add a new relationship.
  4. Make sure the Use suggested relationships check box is selected, and then select the Contains (Parent) relationship.
  5. Under Filter, create the filter necessary to find the subnet.
  6. Under Configuration Items, select the check box next to the subnet.
  7. In the Relationships section, click the plus icon.
    The relationship is added to the list.
  8. Click Save and Exit.

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