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Configure a cloud policy action

Configure a cloud policy action

Configure actions that the system runs when cloud policies are triggered.

Before you begin

About this task

You cannot edit actions for policies that are in the Published state. Click Edit to make the policy go into a draft mode. After making the required changes, publish the policy again. You can create more than one policy action.


  1. Open a cloud policy rule.
  2. In the Rules related list, click a rule.
  3. In the Policy Rule Actions related list, click New.
    A pop-up window appears listing the actions based on the trigger type.
  4. Click Create to configure an action. Fill out the form fields, which differ based on the trigger type:
  5. Click Submit.

What to do next

After you finish configuring the policy, conditions, and actions, click Publish on the policy form to put the policy into effect.