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Action settings for the on Catalog item launch trigger

Action settings for the on Catalog item launch trigger

These fields display when you create a policy action for a policy that is triggered on Catalog item launch.

Table 1. Settings for the 'Property override' action
Field Description
Property Specify the user-specified attribute (property) value to override.
Note: You can override properties in policy actions and blueprint form event actions. If you configure overrides in both places, the blueprint form event override gets triggered last and takes precedence.
Enter a value that overrides the value in the Property name field. You can use a static value, an expression, or both. Expressions can do the following:
  • Set form data values using definition expressions. For example: ${parameter.formData.CatalogAttributeType}
  • Assign user data values using definition expressions. For example: ${parameter.userData.userId}

    For example, the following value can set the stack name to Stack_${parameter.userData.userId}

  • Set stack or table values using runtime expressions.

    For example: $(ci.sn_cmp _ip_pool[subnet=${parameter.formData.Subnet Id}]) takes the subnet from the IP Pools table.

  • Associate a random number with a field using static expressions. Use: ${randomNumber}
Is Script Based Select the check box to display the Script text box and specify the script.
Table 2. Settings for the 'Execute a script' action
Field Description
Action Script Category Select an action attribute category.
Action Script Name Select a policy rule action script.
Script Review the script. To modify the script, navigate to Cloud Management > Admin Portal > Govern > Policies > Policy Action Scripts, click the script that belongs to the category, then edit. See Create a policy script for details.