Policy Action form fields for approval triggers

These fields appear when you create a policy action for a policy that is triggered on Blueprint provision approval, on Stack operation approval, on Stack resource operation approval, and on a task resubmission approval.

Figure 1. An approval policy action for a stack resource operation approval
Approval policy action.
Field Description
Action type Select an action type:
  • ServiceNow approval: use the default approval workflow for Cloud Management.
  • Custom approval: use a workflow for approvals.

[For the Custom approval action type]

Select a workflow. The approval workflow should return a value of approved to complete the operation.
Active Keep selected to make the action available to the policy.
Manager approval

[ServiceNow approval action type for the on Blueprint provision approval]

Require the manager of the approver to also approve the request. The default ServiceNow approval workflow goes to the manager first, if selected, then to the group, and finally to the user.
Assignment group

[User action type]

Select the assignment group that can approve the request. Any user in the group can approve the action using the default ServiceNow workflow. Then the approval goes to the users in the User field.

[on Blueprint Provision approval policies]

Select one or more users to whom the approval action applies. All users listed here must approve the action using the default ServiceNow workflow.
Note: If some users in an assignment group do not have the itil role, an approval record and notification is still sent to them by default, but they are not able to make the approval. Assign the itil role to any users or user groups for operational and provisioning approvals.