Cloud Management API

The API enables you to integrate Cloud Management with cloud providers. The Cloud APIs are driven through blueprints and can also be called directly in scripts.

Cloud API

The Cloud API is a combination of providers, interfaces, and connectors that provide the components you need to integrate with cloud providers and IP management tools such as Infoblox. Connector methods map to corresponding interface methods.

Each cloud provider contains products, which is where you can define resource types or use existing ones that map to resource blocks. For example, you can create a Google Cloud Platform product that provides a resource type named GCPInstance, which is part of the Google provider. You can then map the resource type to a resource block that you can use in a blueprint for a Google cloud offering.

Cloud API Trail and Dashboard.

The Cloud API Trail is an activity log for all activity that uses the Cloud API and goes through the MID Server. See The Cloud API Trail for more information. Reports on Cloud API transactions are available on the Cloud API Dashboard.