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Track a stack request

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Track a stack request

The system generates a request when you submit the form to launch a stack.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user

About this task

If no approval policy is defined, requests are auto-approved. If a policy is defined, then a user on the approver list must approve the request.


  1. Go to the Activities page or navigate to Overview > View Activities, then select Track > Requests.
    The following color codes show you the status of the request:
    • Green: Completed or Approved.
    • Orange: Processing.
    • Red: Rejected, Error, or Canceled.
  2. In the Requests list, click an entry.
    Status tab
    Request Status Actions taken on the request. Click the down-arrow (down-arrow button) to toggle between:
    • Verbose mode that describes each action and the status of the action
    • Icon-only mode that indicates only the status (pass/fail) of an action.
    Stack Status Status of each stack request. If deployment fails, errors from cloud orchestration are listed.
    Comments / Work Notes tab
    Item requested and request number Log of comments and notes made for the request. The itil role is required to add a comment or work note.

    To add a comment or work note:

    1. Enter text.
    2. Select the Work notes check box to add a work note.
    3. Click Send.
    Request Details tab Values that the requester submitted on the stack request form.
    Tasks tab Lists all the catalog tasks created for stacks that failed to provision. Click on a catalog task to view more details about that task. See Resubmit a failed stack request.