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Submit an incident for a stack

Submit an incident for a stack

Submit an incident for a stack when it is not working as expected or you have questions. When the user responds or solves the issue, the incident is closed.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user

About this task

You can submit an incident for a stack or for an individual resource.

You can also submit an incident through the Incident application. Make sure that the Category field is set to the value Cloud Management. The configuration item should be the stack name against which the incident should be raised and the caller name should be the name of the person for whom this incident is created.


  1. View the stack details page using either of the following methods:
    • On the Stack Details page, click the Incidents tab in the Activities section.
    • On the Activities page, click Track > Incidents.
    The Activities section lists all submitted incidents for the stack.
    Table 1. Incidents
    Activities → Incidents View and submit incidents of all types, for any stack or resource.
    Stacks → Stack Details → Incidents View and submit incidents for the selected stack.
    Resources → Resource Details → Incidents View and submit incidents for the selected resource.
  2. Click New Incident and fill in the form:
    Incident type Type that best matches your need.
    Stack / Resource [related fields] Stack and resource that the incident applies to.
    • From the Activities page: Select the Stack from the list of active stacks. Leave the Resource field blank if the issue is not associated with a particular resource.
    • From the Stack Details page: The Stack value is the current stack.
    • From the Resource page: The Resource value is the current resource.
    Describe the issue Describe the issue that you are experiencing or enter your question. Give full information on the behavior that is the issue.
    What is the business impact Specify how the incident affects your work and the work of others, including your customers.
    Attach screenshots, logs, and so on Click or drop to add files that clarify the issue or question.
  3. Click Submit.
    The system generates the incident. The Incidents tab on the Activities page displays a summary.

What to do next

To view a list of all submitted incidents, navigate to Activities > Incidents.