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Manage a stack

Manage a stack

Use the Stack Details page to view details and status for a stack and to perform life cycle operations on a stack.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user


  1. Use one of the following methods to open the Stack Details page:
    • Click Stacks on the toolbar.
    • Use the Search text box to search for the stack.
    • On the home page, click a stack in the Usage, Recent Stacks, or Stack Health section.
    • On the home page, click Manage Stacks.
    By default, all stacks in all service categories are listed.
  2. In the Stacks list, select a stack category, and then click a stack Name.
    The Stack Details page displays the following information:
    Stack Details page
    1 Breadcrumb navigation.
    2 Name of the stack. Click the dependency button (dependency button) to view the dependency map for the stack.
    3 Status and detailed information.
    4 List of all resources in the stack. Click a resource to view details in the Properties section. Color codes indicate status of the stack:
    • Green: On/Active.
    • Yellow: Turned off or Processing.
    • Red: Terminated or Error.
    5 Some properties are set in the stack request form and others are set by policy.
    6 System-generated tags that identify data for reporting in the Cloud Management user dashboards.
    7 Activities associated with the stack. Click a tab to view:
    8 Perform an operation on the stack. See Perform a life cycle operation on a stack or resource.
    9 Text box used to search the Cloud User Portal for stacks, resources based on types, stack requests, change requests, incidents, keys, and catalog items.
    Table 1. Stack properties
    Name Name that you specified when requesting the stack.
    Service Catalog item Service Catalog item that was used when requesting the stack.
    Stack Status Current status of the stack:
    • Active (provisioned stacks)
    • Terminated (deprovisioned stacks)
    • Unmanaged (discovered stacks)
    • Error (errored stacks)
    • Processing (stacks being processed)
    Owner Group User Group that was selected while requesting the stack.
    Cloud Account Cloud account that the stack is associated with
    Owned by Username of the requester.
    Created/Updated Date and time that the stack was requested.
    Terminated on Date and time that the stack was terminated (unprovisioned)

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