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Perform a life cycle operation on a stack or resource

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Perform a life cycle operation on a stack or resource

When you request a life cycle operation for a stack or resource, the system generates a change request that is either approved by default or, if an approval policy is in place, approved by a user that is on the approver list.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user

Example operations are stop, start, or deprovision a resource. Deprovisioning requires cloud_user who owns the virtual machine, root_admin, admin, or cloud_admin role.

If a stack or resource requires login, then you must download the associated SSH key before you can access the resource. See Download an SSH key.


  1. While viewing the Stack Details page, select the operation in the Select Operation list.
    Available operations depend on the resource type.
  2. In the confirmation window, enter settings if required, and then click OK.
    The system submits a change request and the Activities > Change Requests page displays the progress and status of the request.