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Launch a stack

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Launch a stack

Launching a stack of cloud resources means submitting a request for an item in the service catalog. You can launch a stack from the Cloud User Portal overview page.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user

When you submit a request for an item in the service catalog, the system typically provisions the stack immediately. Sometimes, your request must be approved first.

If a resource on a stack that you request requires credentials when being accessed via SSH, then you must create an SSH key pair before you can launch the stack. See Create an SSH key and Download an SSH key.


  1. Open the request form using either of the following methods:
    • On the overview page, click Launch a Stack. By default, all catalog items in all service categories are listed. Select a Service Category, and then click a catalog item Name.
    • Open the Catalog page. By default, all catalog items in all service categories are listed. Select a Service Category and then click Launch on the catalog item.
  2. In each section of the form, enter the values that configure your request. The form fields differ for each catalog offering. Contact your Cloud Management administrator if you have any questions about the fields.
  3. Click the section header to move to the next section.
    The remaining quota is updated based on the user group that you select. For mandatory fields, the system selects the first item in the list by default and you can select any value that you need.
  4. Click Submit to request the stack.
    • The Activities page opens to the Status tab on the Track > Requests activity. The tab displays the progress and status of the request. The following color codes show the stage of the request:
      • Green: Completed or Approved.
      • Orange: Processing.
      • Red: Rejected, Error, or Canceled.
    • If approval is required, then when the administrator approves your request, the system launches the stack and updates the Request Status.
    • Select another request to view its Request Status and Stack Status.
    • To view a summary of all your pending requests, click the Pending Requests link in the title bar at any time.
    Cloud user portal displaying the requests page.