Modify business schedule operations for a stack

Business hours scheduling can be performed on stacks at the time of provisioning or on existing stacks.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_cmp.cloud_service_user.

About this task

Once a stack is set up with a business schedule, the system generates a series of tasks for starting and stopping the stack. You can view these tasks and can modify the business schedule for any stack.


  1. Navigate to Overview > View Activities, then select Business Schedule Operations.
    A list of stacks with upcoming business schedule operations is displayed.
  2. From the Select Action list associated with the stack, perform either of the two operations:
    • Skip Operation- Click to skip a single business schedule operation on a stack. A confirmation message appears. Click OK.
    • Cancel Schedule- Click to cancel business hour scheduling on a stack. A confirmation message appears. Click OK.
    For modifying the schedule of an existing stack, navigate to the stacks details list in Manage Stacks and select Modify Schedule from the Select Stack Operation list.