Budget-based notification and approval

Administrators can assign a budget for a group and a user within the group. When the user or group reaches the budget limit threshold, notifications are sent alerting them about it.

Administrators can assign a budget (in USD) on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. The budget set for a user and for a group are independent of each other. For example, a group consisting of five users can have a budget of 100 dollars and each user in that group can be assigned a limit of 25 dollars. An organization decides on the frequency of the budget and all the groups in that organization follow the same frequency. For example, if an organization decides on a monthly budget, then all the groups and users in that organization follow a monthly budget.

Administrators can increase or decrease the budget at any given time. Notifications are sent to the user and the group when the budget limit reaches 80%, 90%, and 100%. Notifications trigger as part of the billing process. Billing discovery is scheduled for each user and group. At the end of the billing discovery, a comparison is made between the budget limit and the actual cost and if the threshold has reached or has exceeded, notifications are triggered.

Administrators can set up a policy whereby if the budget limit reaches a particular threshold or exceeds the limit, the administrator gives an approval for the user or the group to continue using the resources. For example, the administrator can create a policy for a group whereby when the group's budget threshold reaches 90%, an approval is required for the group to continue consuming resources. If the administrator does not set up a policy for the budget, the user or the group can continue using the resources.

You can view the budget details by navigating to Cloud Admin Portal > Analyze > Budget Consumption. You can view the budget consumption details for a user as well as for groups.