Using the Activities page

Use the Activities page to view and manage details of your cloud actions.

Requests Your requests for catalog items (stacks). See Track a stack request.
Change Requests Change requests that have been submitted for stacks or resources that are assigned to you. The system generates change requests when you perform any life cycle operations on a stack or resource. See Track a change request and Perform a life cycle operation on a stack or resource.
Incidents Incidents for stacks and their associated resources that are assigned to you. See Track an incident.
Tasks Catalog tasks created when a request for a stack fails to provision. See Resubmit a failed stack request.
Lease Operations View a list of all your stacks that are approaching close to their lease end dates. You can extend the end date of a lease for any of the stacks listed. See Modify the lease for a stack.
Business Schedule Operations View a list of upcoming business hours schedule operations associated with stacks. You can skip an upcoming operation or cancel a schedule associated with a particular stack. See Modify business schedule operations for a stack.
Cloud Events List of life cycle events that affect resources assigned to you or to a user in your group. See View cloud events.
Keys View existing SSH keys that are assigned to you or generate a key. See Create an SSH key.