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Discovery CI schedule manager

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Discovery CI schedule manager

The Discovery CI schedule manager provides a summary of discoveries that were triggered from Configuration Item schedules during the last 30 days.

Use the schedule manager to access a report of all discovered devices, see any errors that might have occurred, and view discovery trends. A CI schedule discovery is the type of discovery that is triggered from a Discovery schedule, where the Discover field is set to Configuration Items. The Discovery CI Schedule Manager only displays information for these Configuration Item (CI) discoveries. It does not display information for the other types of discovery. See Schedule horizontal discovery for details.

Summary page for all CI schedules

CI schedule manager summary

Item Description
Discovered Devices The total number of device CIs that Discovery found. Devices include all the CIs in tables that extend the Hardware [cmdb_ci_hardware] table, such as Computer [cmdb_ci_computer] and Cisco UCS Equipment [cmdb_ci_ucs_equipment].
Errors The total number of errors that occurred during discovery.

Click View Errors to drill down to specific types of errors.

Unidentified IPs The total number of IP addresses that Discovery detected but was unable to classify.

Click View Unidentified IPs to open the CI schedule view, where you can access a list of these devices for each CI schedule separately.

CI Schedules The number of Discovery schedules that are configured to find configuration items.

Click View Schedules open the CI schedule view, where you can see specific details about each CI schedule separately.

Running schedules The number of running schedules () appears if a discovery is currently in progress. Wait until all discoveries finish to see the most up-to-date data.

The summary page also provides the View Dashboard link, which opens the Discovery Dashboard.

The CI schedule view

The CI schedule view shows you details for a specific Discovery schedule. It aggregates discovery information only for the discoveries that ran from the schedule that you select.

CI schedule view

Item Description
Left panel
Location selector Select the location of the schedule. The Location is an optional field on the Discovery schedule that helps your organize your discovery runs by different locations in your organization.
Schedule sorter From the schedule selector on the left, click one of the icons to sort the list of schedules by any of the following:
  • Errors
  • Unidentified IPs
  • Recent activity, which lists the schedules that are currently running first.
  • Alphabetical
Main panel
Discovery calendar Choose the date and time from the calendar at the top.
Discovery topics:
  • Discovered Devices
  • Errors
  • Unidentified IPs
  • Targeted IPs
Click Discovered Devices to see how many CIs were updated or created.
Click Errors to drill down into the types of errors that occurred when Discovery ran this schedule.
Click Unidentified IPs to see which IP addresses that the system could not create or update a CI for.
Click Targeted IPs to see the IPs that you specified in the schedule.
Trend chart View the trend graph for the item you selected above it. Each circle in the graph represents a specific discovery run.

Place the cursor over any circle to see a summary of the discovery.Discovery summary

Click the circle to filter the values you see in the discovery topics above.

Discovery detail list View the records for the selected item. For example, if you click Discovered Devices, the list of those devices appear in the list. If you click Errors, the error topics appear, which you can then open to drill down to the actual error messages.
The summary page also provides: