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Create a personalized backlog

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Create a personalized backlog

Create filters to define which stories appear in your backlog.

Before you begin

Role required: scrum_admin, or scrum_product_owner


  1. Create a backlog using either of the following options:
    From Backlog Planning
    1. Navigate to Agile Development > Agile Board > Backlog Planning.
    2. Click .
    From Personal Backlogs Navigate to Agile Development > Backlog > Personal Backlogs .
  2. In the Personal Backlog form, fill these fields:
    Name Suitable name for the backlog.
    Table (Read-only) Stories reside in the Story [rm_story] table.
    Visible to Users with whom you want to share the backlog.
    1. Click the icon.
    2. Click the Lookup using list icon.
    3. In the Users form, select the users.
    4. Click the Lock icon.
    Filter Filter criteria applied on stories that appear in the backlog.

    Default filter criteria: [Active] is [True], and [Sprint] is [Empty].

  3. Click Submit.

What to do next

Use the following related links:
Table 1. Personal Backlog related links
Related list Description
Go to Backlog Planning Displays the Backlog Planning tab in Agile Board.
View the list of records Displays stories (matching the backlog filter criteria) in a platform list.