Modify a resource event that is part of a resource plan

You can modify a resource event that is part of a resource plan.

About this task

Role required: resource manager


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > Resource Plans > All.
  2. Click a plan Number.
  3. In the Resource Allocations related list, click an allocation Number.
  4. Modify the fields on the form (see table).
    Figure 1. A resource event
    Resource event
    Table 1. A resource event
    Field Description
    Name The name of the event.
    Type The type of event:
    • Time off
    • Appointment
    • Meeting
    • Phone call
    • Task
    When/To The start and end date of event.
    All day If the event is an all-day event as specified by the schedule.
    Repeats If the event repeats Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Does not repeat.
    Task The task associated with this event.
    User The user associated with the event.