View the summary of a project in project workspace

View the summary of a project in Summary tab of project workspace.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_user

About this task

The Summary tab is a PA dashboard which displays preconfigured widgets and reports to track the progress on various aspects of a project such as open risks, actual cost, and delayed milestones. The information in the reports is rolled up from the project form fields.

The following reports are provided in the tab to help the project manager analyze the project:
  • Status: Color indicator that signifies the status of the project.
  • Percent Complete: Percentage of the project that has been completed.
  • Open Risks: Number of open risks concerning the project.
  • Open Issues: Number of open issues included in the project.
  • Open Change Requests: Number of open change requests for the project.
  • Delayed Tasks and Milestones: List of delayed project tasks and milestones. Delayed project tasks are the tasks which satisfy either of the following conditions in [pm_project_task] table:
    • the value of Planned start date is before today and State is Open or Pending.
    • the value of Planned end date is before today and State is either of Open, Pending, or Work in Progress.
  • Upcoming Tasks (next 2 weeks) with no assignee: List of unassigned Open or Pending project tasks which are planned to start in 14 days from now.
  • Project Member Allocation Details (Hrs): Stacked bar chart showing the allocated and actual hours for the resources assigned to the project.
  • Project Member Allocation Details - Monthly (Hrs): Pivot chart for the monthly allocated and actual hours for the resources assigned to the project.
  • Time Cards - Pending Approval: Time cards for the selected project that are not yet approved.
  • Time Card - Exception Report: List of users who did not submit their time cards for the selected project, and the time cards which are not yet approved for the selected project. The exception report is generated for the users who are assigned to a task in progress, or hard allocated to the project or task.


  1. Open the required project in project workspace.
  2. Click the Summary tab to display its contents.
  3. Review the displayed reports and take necessary actions, if required.