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Start a project

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Start a project

Starting a project is the next step after setting up the project, populating it with tasks, and assigning resources.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager


  1. Open the project you want to start.
  2. Change the State field to Work in Progress and click Save to save the change.
    Note: You should not restart a project (changing the state to Work in Progress) or reopen it (changing the state to Pending or Open) after it is closed. Instead of restarting or reopening the project, copy the project and manage it as a new project, adjusting the state of each task as needed.


After you start the project:
  • The read-only Actual start date field of the project changes to the current date.
  • If a task or set of tasks are scheduled to start immediately upon project start (meaning that their time constraints are set to Start ASAP and they have no other start dependencies), the actual start dates of those tasks also change to the current date.
  • The planned start dates of all other tasks adjust accordingly based on the time you started the project. Their new planned start dates depend on several factors, including dependent relationships with other tasks and the duration for each task.
    Note: Once a project is in the Work in Progress state, it does not mean that the state of every task will start updating automatically based on planned start date. Other than the project tasks that you schedule to start ASAP when the project starts, project tasks are not started automatically. Continue to manage the project and change the state of each task to Work in Progress. Consider writing business rules to automate some of this functionality.