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Link change requests to a project task

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Link change requests to a project task

Link change requests to tasks on the Project Task form. You can link change requests only to project tasks that have no child tasks.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager

About this task

You can link any change request record to a project task, regardless of the change request schedule or state. However, as a good practice, consider:
  • Change Schedule: The change request has a schedule that falls within the time frame of the project it links to. Or, it has no values in the Planned start date and Planned end date fields in the Schedule section of the Change Request form.
  • Change State: An Open or Pending state is required when linking a change request. Changes that are already in progress or closed can be stopped and copied to a new change request.


  1. Open a project task that does not have any child tasks. Tasks that already have child tasks cannot be linked to change requests.
  2. Click one of the following related links:
    • Link an Existing Change Request to Project Task:

      In the dialog box that appears, enter or select the change that you want to link.

    • Create Change and link from Project Task:

      The Change Request form appears. Enter the information in the form. The short description of the change request is taken from the project task.

    Note: These related links are available only when the project task type is waterfall.


  • On the Project Task form, a notification appears at the top specifying that the task is linked to one or more change requests.
Figure 1. Example for Task designated for linked change requests in the related list
screenshot for task with Linked Change