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Import a Microsoft Project file

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Import a Microsoft Project file

You can import Microsoft project files into the Project Management application.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager

About this task

Note: If you import a project into a teamspace, that project is only available to users who can access the teamspace.


  1. Navigate to Project > Projects > Import.
  2. Click Choose File to select a Microsoft Project file.
  3. To import the Microsoft project as a new project, select the Create new project option.
  4. To import the Microsoft project as a subset of an active, existing project or task:
    1. Select Update and existing project.
    2. Click the reference lookup icon () and select a project or task. Only active projects appear in the list.
  5. Click Import.
    While importing a Microsoft Project file into ServiceNow, the import fails:
    • If the project with tasks was created in ServiceNow prior to import.
    • If you create new tasks in ServiceNow in a project which was imported from Microsoft Project earlier, and then reimport.
      Note: If you want to retain the project tasks that were created in the ServiceNow project, then you must export the ServiceNow project into a Microsoft Project file. Then, reimport the file into ServiceNow.
    • If the values for lag or lead time dependencies are not in supported format.
      • Positive lag time dependency values for days, hours and minutes are allowed. Negative lag time dependencies are allowed only for days.
      • All other elapsed duration types from MS Project such as edays, emins, eweeks, and lead or lag in percentage are not allowed for import.


  • The WBS order of project tasks is retained.
  • A project task that was imported in ServiceNow earlier and has associated time cards, resource plans, or expense lines is retained on re-import even if it is deleted from Microsoft Project.
  • Recalculation does not happen on project tasks when they are imported from the Microsoft Project file. Once the project is in the ServiceNow system, it would be treated as a manual project.
  • Dates in the ServiceNow project remain same as the dates in the Microsoft Project file.