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Customize a state for project or project task

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Customize a state for project or project task

Add or modify a state of project or project task using dictionary override.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

As an example, the steps for adding custom states for Work in progress state category for Project task are described. In this example,
  • the existing Work in Progress state is removed and following three new states are added:
    State Label Category
    10 Design Work in Progress
    11 Development Work in Progress
    12 Testing Work in Progress
  • the default Work in Progress is kept as 10 (Design).


  1. Define a new dictionary override for pm_project_task table under Task - State dictionary.
  2. Specify the override attributes for the dictionary override in Attributes field as follows:


  • As specified in Step 2, the default_work_state is declared as 10 and the work_in_progress_states as 10, 11, and 12. Now whenever a project task changes to any of the new Work in Progress states, its parent also moves to corresponding Work in progress state.

    Suppose that a project task has two children records, and if the first child record moves to Development state, the parent also moves to Development state. Now if the second child record moves to Design state, the two children records under the project task are in two different work in progress states. In such cases, the parent record moves to the default work in progress state. In this case, the parent record moves to Design as the default_work_state is specified as 10 (Design).

  • The project states can also be customized using the same steps.