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Configure the Project Status Portal

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Configure the Project Status Portal

You can configure the Project Status Portal as per your requirements.

Before you begin

Role required: pps_admin


  1. To add or edit columns in the Timeline view of Project Status Portal:
    1. Navigate to Projects > Settings > Planning Console.
    2. Select a project with Context = my_gantt. For more information, see Planning console.
  2. To customize columns in the Project Status Portal Overview page:
    1. Sign in as an administrator.
    2. Navigate to Service Portal > Pages.
    3. Select the page with ID: psp_overview
    4. Click the Project status portal overview widget instance.
    5. In Additional options, JSON format, add or delete columns.
    The columns in widget options must be a subset of the Planning console columns. For more information on configuring widget instances, see ConfigureWidgetInstances.