Project field mapping

During an import, values from Microsoft Project overwrite fields in project records.

Table 1. Project Field Mapping
Microsoft Project fields Project Management fields
Task Name Short description
Note Description
Start Planned start date
Finish Planned end date
Duration Planned duration
Actual Start Actual start date
Actual Finish Actual end date
Actual Duration Actual duration
% Complete Percent complete (personalize the form to add this field)
Predecessor Lag Lag time between predecessor and successor
Critical Critical path
Rollup Rollup
Text10 (Field used for syncing purposes) Task Sys_Id
Project Header Title Project name
Project Header Subject (Field used for syncing purposes) Top Task Sys_Id
Resource Assigned to [assigned_to]
Note: During import, if there are multiple resources assigned to a task in Microsoft Project:
  • The first resource is added to the Assigned to field.
  • The rest of the resources are added to the Additional assignee list field.
Resource Group Assignment Group