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Create a program task

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Create a program task

You can create program tasks from the Program form related lists.

Before you begin

Role required: it_program_manager

About this task


  1. Navigate to Project > Programs > All.
  2. Select the program from the list.
  3. In the Program Tasks related list, click New.
  4. Fill out the form fields (see table).
    There are a few fields that are populated after the task is created.
  5. Click Submit.


The new task appears in the Program Task related list on the Program form.
Table 1. Program Task form
Field Description
Short description [Required] A brief description of the program task.
Number A system generated number with a configurable prefix.
State The current state of the program. The states include: Pending, Open, Work in Progress, Closed Complete, Closed Incomplete, Closed Skipped.
Planned start date The estimated date and time for the program task to start.
Planned end date The estimated date and time for the program task to end.
Planned duration The estimated length of time (from start time to end time) of the program task.
Assigned to The user assigned to the program task.
Milestone A milestone is a program task with a duration of zero (0). Use milestones to mark key dates in your program, such as key decision points or approvals.
Key milestone You can define a milestone as a key milestone to track the program progress. For example, you can create key milestone for completion of deliverables such as a program plan. A key milestone is visible on the program timeline.
Description A detailed description of the program task.
Additional comments (Customer visible) Enter information that you want the users to see.
Work notes Enter work notes about the milestones, impediments, or changes as the program progresses.
Table 2. Fields populated and updated after the task is created
Field Description
Actual start date The date that this program started. This date is populated after you update the program state to Work in Progress.
Actual end date The date that this program ended. This date is populated after you update the program state to Closed Complete.
Actual duration The actual duration of the program from program start to program closure. As with planned duration, the actual duration shows total program time.