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Program Manager Dashboard

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Program Manager Dashboard

The program manager dashboard provides a central location to a program manager to generate different graphical reports of programs and the program financials. The dashboard displays reports only for the programs managed by the program manager.

The dashboard contains tabs that display program level reports and program financials reports.

Program tab

  • Open risks
  • Open issues
  • Active projects
  • Key milestones
  • Project level status report that provides status of all projects
  • Information about total open risks, total open issues, and total key milestones

Program Financial tab

  • Active projects
  • Costs
  • Budgets
  • Information about total active projects, total estimated cost, and total budget.
To view different type of data, you can generate reports by grouping or by stacking. Each report has different categories for grouping and stacking. You can use a combination of Group by category and Stack by category to generate the reports.