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View demands

You can view existing demands at any time.

About this task

The demand manager can view demands by navigating to:
  • Demand > Demands > Workbench: The bubble chart and the list view on the demand workbench display all qualified demands.
  • Demand > Demands > All: Displays the Demands list.

The demand user can view demands by navigating to Demand > Demands > All.

The Number field on the Demands list provides a link to the Demand form.

The Stage field displays the status or progress of a demand. This field is updated as the demand moves through the life cycle, from an idea to a demand to the resulting project, enhancement, change, or defect. At a glance, users can use this field to track the progress of a demand.

Pointing to the Stage field on the Demands list shows the progression of the idea along with the value of the State field for each step in the progression:
  • Idea: If an idea is being evaluated, the pop-up window displays the current state of the idea.
  • Demand: if an idea is promoted to a demand, the pop-up window displays the current state of the demand as well as the idea.
  • Project, Enhancement, Change, or Defect: if a demand is accepted, the pop-up window displays the current state of the resulting artifact in addition to the demand and idea.
Figure 1. Idea Stage Summary pop-up window
Idea stage summary popup
Note: Users cannot search or sort the Stage column on the Demands list.

The Project field displays the project name after the demand manager creates a project from the demand. The Risk, Value, and Size fields display assessment metrics for the demand. This information appears on the Demands list.