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View a demand summary

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View a demand summary

Point to a bubble in the demand workbench bubble chart to display a summary of the demand information.

About this task

Point to a demand in the bubble chart to highlight the bubble and its label. A bubble summary window also shows the demand name and the risk, value, and size data. Pointing to the bubble also highlights the corresponding demand row in the list view. Pointing to a demand in the list view highlights the corresponding bubble in the bubble chart.
Figure 1. Bubble Summary WindowBubble summary window
Note: When pointing to a bubble, scroll down in the list view to see the corresponding highlighted demand row. If necessary, adjust the height of the list view or the bubble chart.
For multiple demands, some bubbles or labels overlap and are difficult to see. Point to a label to highlight the corresponding bubble. Use when:
  • Two or more bubbles have the same metrics and overlap directly.
  • Several bubbles intersect and overlap.
  • A bubble is only partially visible on the edge of the bubble chart.