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View the budget tasks

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View the budget tasks

View the budget tasks to track budget requests from finance. If the status of the budget task is Published or Awaiting input, then the planner has to work on the plan and promote it.

Before you begin

Role required: itfm_planner

About this task

The planner can navigate to Financial Planning > My Tasks menu to view the list of tasks that the planner owns.


  1. Navigate to Financial Planning > My Tasks.
  2. View the list of budget tasks by their number and the status.
  3. Open a record to view the details of the task.
    Table 1. Budget Task form
    Field Description
    Number Unique system generated number for the task record.
    Plan Default plan associated to the task.
    Period Budget period for which the task is opened.
    State Status of the task.
    Planner The budget owner to whom the task is assigned.
    Short description A brief note about the task.
    Work notes A note for IT finance.
  4. To toggle to grid view and work on the plan, click Grid button.
  5. Update the Work notes field to communicate information to IT finance.
  6. Click Promote.
    Promote action changes the status of the task to Pending Approval for finance to review and approve the budget.