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View accounts that roll up to an account

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View accounts that roll up to an account

You can view the accounts that roll up to another account.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst


  1. Click the information icon (The information icon) on an account.
    The account summary window appears, showing you:
    • The total amount of money currently assigned to this account.
    • The buckets that contribute expenses to this account.
    • The method that this account uses to roll up to the parent segments.
    • The accounts that roll up to this account.
    • The accounts that this account rolls up to.
  2. To see the buckets that are allocated directly to this account, click Show allocated buckets.
  3. If you want to allocate one or more bucket amount (among all the buckets allocated to this account, as mentioned in step 2) to any specific account segment overriding the default rollups, then click the Bucket Rollups tab. You can do such a bucket based rollup using the None, Equal, Manual, Weighted, or Scripted methods.

    The other undefined buckets, which are not rolled up in this manner, follow the default rollup method.

    Navigate to Financial Modeling > Cost Models > Allocation Rollups Override to view the From Account Segment, To Account Segment, rollup metric, and type details of such an allocation.

    Figure 1. An example of bucket based rollup
    An example of bucket based rollup
  4. Click the Accounts Rolling Up tab if it is not selected.

    You can see the accounts that roll up, and the buckets that comprise the Total expenses for the account.

  5. Click the information icon to view an account that rolls up or a bucket.
  6. To sort the list, click the gear icon and choose the number of items per page and specify how to sort the items.