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Merge expense rows by segment

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Merge expense rows by segment

Merging expenses means taking the expenses that are associated with one segment record.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

For example, you can take vendor ABC and associate expenses for this vendor with another segment record, like vendor XYZ. Effectively, you are changing the value for the Vendor field on the expenses from ABC to XYZ.


  1. Click one or more expense rows to select them. These rows can be referred to as the source expenses.
  2. Drag them onto another expense. This row can be referred to as the destination expense.

    The general ledger expense records for the source expenses are modified. The field that is modified is the segment you are currently working with, such as Vendor. The value for the field is changed to whatever value that field had on the destination expense.

    Note: When you merge expenses, you are only modifying the segment value, such as the vendor or the cost center. You are not modifying the account numbers associated with the general ledger expenses that comprise the expense row.
  3. Click the number of entries in the Merge Count column. The Merged Segments window appears.
  4. To ignore a merged expense row, click the delete icon (The delete icon) next to the entry in the Merged Segments window. The expense row reappears in the list of all expenses.