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Assign a bucket to a segment or an account

Assign a bucket to a segment or an account

During the Allocation Setup stage in the workbench, you can assign expenses from buckets to accounts in the hierarchy.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin or cost_transparency_analyst


  1. Drag a bucket to a specific account. You can also select multiple buckets and drag them to a specific account. The allocation method is always Allocate 100% if a bucket is allocated to an account.

    Alternatively you can select one or multiple buckets and click the Assign bucket icon (The allocation icon) that contains the expenses you want to assign to a single account or multiple accounts by performing the following steps:

    1. Under Allocate Method, select allocate to an account.
    2. Under Allocate To Segment, select a segment.
    3. Under Allocate to Account, select the segment account to which you want to assign all expenses in the selected buckets.
    4. On the other hand, to assign the selected buckets to multiple accounts, click Go with the default Multiple Accounts selected under Allocate To Account.

    The Create Allocation Rule window appears showing you a list of Selected Buckets along with the selected account or option to choose the accounts in the selected segment. You have the option to delete a selected bucket, at this stage, if you choose not to allocate that bucket.

  2. Drag a bucket to a segment or click the Assign bucket icon (The allocation icon) to assign a bucket to a segment. You can assign a bucket to a segment one at a time. Multiple bucket selection does not apply for segment assignment. If the bucket allocation is to a segment, then you must select the allocation method from the choice list:
    Equal Expenses are assigned to the accounts by the same percentage.
    Manual Expenses are assigned to the accounts by a specified percentage. Enter the amounts in the Percentage fields.
    Weighted Expenses are assigned to the accounts using a weighted metric.
  3. From the Divide among choice list, select a segment.
  4. If you selected a weighted method, select a preconfigured metric from the Divide using metric choice list. The only metrics that are available are those that specify the parent and child segments.
  5. Click Create.

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