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Preview weight map

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Preview weight map

You can preview a weight map to give you visibility of the generated metric weight map as it displays the accounts for the selected metric and the selected fiscal period with the percentage split for each account.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin, cost_transparency_analyst

About this task

Allocation workbench displays the expense summary for all months, quarters, or periods when you run the allocation and the window becomes cluttered with data for all quarters. To overcome the UI page being cluttered, you can preview the weight map in a page in itself.


  1. Navigate to Financial Modeling > Consumption Metrics > Preview Weight Maps.
    1. Alternatively, you can navigate to Financial Modeling > Consumption Metrics > All Metrics.
    2. Click a cost allocation metric to open the Weighted Metric Builder.
    3. Click the Preview Weight Map button.
  2. Select a metric from the Metric choice list in the left pane.
  3. Select a fiscal period in the Fiscal Period choice list.
  4. Click Generate.
    The right pane displays the generated date and time details, the accounts, their respective weights, the total weight, and the percentage split. You can regenerate the weight map to preview for each month or a quarter of a fiscal period.
  5. Click Generate or Generate All button based on the metric that you have selected:
    • Click the Generate button to roll up an account of a segment to a segment above in the hierarchy. Based on the metric that you have selected the amount is divided between the accounts of that rolled up segment.

    • Generate All button is enabled if you select a metric that defines rolling up of all the accounts individually in a segment using the Enforce Relationships option in the metric definition to one or more accounts of a segment above in the hierarchy.